Website Design

Whether it's a simple revamp or a whole new website, Double Eagle can make the perfect website that allows your business to thrive. Want to add videos to your website? Done. Gifs? Done. Interactive buttons and links? Done. With our web design help, you will have the best looking website in your industry, and watch your page views and click rates soar like an eagle.

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Video Marketing

Want to go viral, but not get sick? Double Eagle can help you make the perfect viral video for your products and/or services. With all of our staff being savvy with the most recent trending topics, we can help you make a memorable video that will keep you trending, even if the topic stops.

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Social Media

These days, every business (except the Amish) needs to have some sort of a presence on social media. Whether it is just a simple Facebook page with contact info, to pages on every single platform imaginable, there is no excuse in this day and age to not have a social media presence (unless, once again, you are the Amish). Thanks to our savvy in the use of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google+, among others, we can make sure that your social media game can not be beat.

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Who We Are

The name “Double Eagle” was inspired from nature and Boy Scouts. The Eagle signifies strength, power, and the American spirit. It is the symbol of the land of the free and home of the brave. It is also the namesake of the highest award in scouting. In order to get an Eagle award one must demonstrate leadership ability in all facets of life, from home, school, scouting, and work, culminating with the scout leading a large project that benefits his community. The skills solidified with these requirements make excellent leaders and business people.  The marketing spirit is what Double Eagle loves, and Double Eagle wants to help the little guy with marketing spirit rise to be as glorious as our namesake.

What We Do

The goal of Double Eagle Marketing is to help you market their products and/or services. We utilize any and all marketing streams in order to provide the double rainbow of marketing. We can help organize and initiate a publicity stunt to website creation and management.  ambassador marketing, street teaming, traditional advertising, and social media are just a small sample of what Double Eagle can be capable of doing for our clients.  We can either lead, or contribute to your marketing campaign.  This means that we can either be the foundation for your marketing goals, or just a detailer for them.  With a team approach, our staff can cater our services to what you want, no matter how big or small the request.

How We Do It

We are not some faceless company with a 1-800 number and a call center. We will be there from initiation to completion. A problem that many small businesses face is marketing. Shoestring budgets do not allocate for a full time marketing professional or maybe want to do something out of their comfort zone and have no idea where to begin.  With affordable rates and a team-like atmosphere, Double Eagle provides our clients with the work of a full-time marketing professional without the commitment or cost of hiring one